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My name is Terri Burritt, and this NEW e-book "9,500 More Scrapbook Titles & Quotes" is alot bigger and I think better than my "First" original e-book named "5,000 Scrapbook Titles & Quotes". It can be considered a "Master book" of quotes or the "BAM" for Scrapbooks. Even some writers have appreciated the previous editions of this e-book as a ‘powerful time saver’. The aim of this e-book is not just to give you useful suggestions on how to entitle your scrapbook pages, but to be your biggest and best ally in the whole process saving you valuable time by not having to search for titles. It's all here, in one big printable ebook.

It took me many months to create this definitive journaling resource for Scrapbookers: as you will see progressing through the e-book, a vast selection of quotes and sayings is available at your fingertips. This is important, especially when you do Scrapbooking projects for other people and you have to meet the criteria your client may assign to you. If you liked our first ebook, you are going to LOVE the 2nd edition: "9,500 More Scrapbook Titles & Quotes!" It has all fresh new content different from our first edition.


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This has helped me make interesting scrapbooks with plenty of catchy headlines, brilliant comments and meaningful metaphors all ready to be included in your scrapbooks.

If Scrapbooking is an amazing new hobby or your favorite way to spend free time, then it is the best way to renew deep feelings which bond us to our most valuable memories.


But it is also the key to awaken the natural artist in each of us...


The recipe for a great scrapbook is to have great headlines and great pictures mixed together. In my earliest Scrapbooking attempts, I used to collect and paste in several pictures with few explanatory comments, and I didn't love my final results. Then I've asked myself if I were missing any ingredients to create greatly expressive scrapbooks?

After reading some books, having spent some days mumbling and thinking, in the end I've become able to frame my hideous problem. It may surprise you, but it has proven so true that I started getting terrific results right after including these 'magic ingredients' in my scrapbooks...


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This is a new product. Be the first to send us your Testimonial and we may use it here!


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Product Features:

scrapbooking bullet 1 Way over 9,500 Scrapbook Titles & Quotes, including words, sayings, phrases, captions, & idea's. 

scrapbooking bullet 1 Many Interactive Scrapbooking Theme Categories and Sub-Categories.

scrapbooking bullet 1 Pages upon pages full of resource information.

scrapbooking bullet 1 You get a Fully Printable* E-book. (just print it out and bind - see images below)

binder pages

* We have allowed you to print out the downloaded pdf e-book onto paper as a hard copy for yourself if you wish, or you can view it directly from your computer. 

scrapbooking bullet 1 The E-book PDF File** is instantly downloaded to your computer from our website immediately following your successful purchase.

**These files require the Adobe Reader Software for viewing and printing (also included free with your purchase).

scrapbooking bullet 1 We now also have .ePub and .mobi file formats tailored for use on the Apple iPad, iPod, iPhone, Nook, Kindle, and Sony Reader devices! (see images below)


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Our mind enjoys reality at multiple levels. If we are given a piece of paper with a picture on it, it's likely we'll get bored quite soon. If we see a picture with an original comment, we will pay much more attention to the picture.

Once I realized the power was in the text more than in the image, I've started to add to my scrapbooks value using inspiring descriptions. I decided to keep on Scrapbooking again and again but later on, I've experienced creative roadblocks.”

Until then, I was mainly making scrapbooks for my own pleasure, but I couldn't evolve to the next level and transform my potential into something more than a hobby. I was fondly passionate with reading good literature, and I sensed that books and poems contained inspirational sources I could borrow and rephrase every time when writing comments and descriptions for my scrapbooks.

And then, I've started to see REALLY great results. Moreover, I've received a lot of appraise and enthusiastic comments for my unique way to make pictures and text fit one another in a visually appealing style. In the end, my scrapbooks become something widely considered as unique pieces of art. And that was the exact moment, I've make a resolution to publish all those “formidable“quotes and other writing I use in my scrapbooks.




The concept behind this e-book is to have a resource you can count on every time you need more elements to include in your scrapbooks without spending too much time consulting books, paper notes, articles or browsing the internet to find something that is both meaningful and relevant to your pictures at the same time.

Plus, it is organized to give you immediately all you need in just a few seconds, the 9,500 More Scrapbooking Titles & Quotes e-Book will save your precious time and significantly reduce the hours you spend working on a single project. With this revolutionary new e-book at your hand, Scrapbooking will become faster, more intuitive, more effective... It's the e-book that will help you abridge the gap between hobby and full-time passion, and will assist you until making it to the second stage.

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This is a new product. Be the first to send us your Testimonial and we may use it here!

Creating a flawless, fascinating scrapbook is also about the words you use, the feelings you evoke, the power you put into your imagery, text and style.

And now, FINALLY...The treasure of creative language for a richer representation is here, uncovered for you in this e-book.

Quotes always have the effect of making your comments unique and thus separate yourself from the majority of people who typically use only day-to-day concepts and expressions. A richer language stands for more inspiration and finer thoughts, and these elements are likely to bond that emotional communication that takes place at deeper levels, and is widely known to influence the outcome of your own work.

9,500 More Scrapbook Titles & Quotes will...

Keep the best quotes always at your hand when Scrapbooking.

Get others to appraise the results of your ingenious work.

Publish awesome works and receive more remunerating job offers.

Immortalize your events with gorgeous, tailored descriptions.

Express elegance and communication power through your scrapbooks.

Experience serious improvement as a writer and a storyboard writer on the side.

Sell your ideas! 


On top of everything, your scrapbooks will gain enthusiastic comments and will stand out as impressive "masterpieces that will reflect the quality of your work and intensity of your dedication.

Discover new horizons for your favorite activity and become a real MASTER of Scrapbooking with 9,500 More Scrapbook Titles & Quotes plus FREE BONUSES...(See below...)

Today you are about to close a lifetime deal: seize your copy of 9,500 More Scrapbooking Titles & Quotes and you will also get plenty of priceless bonuses that will complete your collection of useful resources to empower your Scrapbooking style. For this reason, we don't want you to miss out on this extra special content so secure your copy of 9,500 More Scrapbooking Titles & Quotes today:

Purchase our 9,500 More Scrapbook Titles & Quotes Today and you will receive all of these Special Bonus Gifts absolutely FREE:

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Be A Scrapbooking Pro e-book - This E-book provides countless tips, tricks, and ideas that fill over 100 pages in an e-book that allows you to learn the secrets of creating scrapbooks like the pro's!

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Digital Scrapbooking Made Easy e-book - This e-book gives very good information on the ins and outs of digital Scrapbooking.

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Scrapbook 3D Title Maker - This neat utility will let you make colorful 3D page titles that you can print for your scrapbook or save it as a graphic file if you do Digital Scrapbooking on computer.

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The Ultimate Scrapbooking Guide - Guides you how to quickly and easily create beautiful scrapbooks with little effort.

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I have done all the leg work for you, so stop searching the internet to find what I have already found in this great new e-book!  The best 9,500 More Scrapbook Titles and Quotes ever found anywhere!   

When you order The 9,500 More Scrapbook Titles & Quotes E-book, you will get:

9,500 More Scrapbooking Titles & Quotes in an easy to use PDF e-book.

Great FREE Bonuses.

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Unlimited Email Support.

Download Instructions for use with the iPod / iPad / iPhone!


I have subtracted the associated costs of “paper printing” to offer it today at the low unbeatable price of just

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Yes! I want to take advantage of this amazing offer and order the 9,500 More Scrapbook Titles & Quotes E-book at today's incredibly low price of $27.00. I will receive instant access immediately after I complete payment.

I understand that this is one of the best Scrapbooking resources currently available. The 9,500 More Scrapbook Titles & Quotes E-book currently contains over 9,500 Scrapbooking titles, phrases, captions, quotes, sayings, and Ideas that come with all "special bonus gifts" listed above. I will also receive free support should I encounter any problems at no additional cost!

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Terri Burritt

P.S.  Jam packed with features, this e-book is my pride and joy. Every inch of it oozes with the potential for helping out both beginners as well as the more experienced people in a very large way. Take this one piece of advice even if you don’t any others: The 9,500 More Scrapbook Titles & Quotes is a "one of a kind" and cannot even be compared to anything else. Buy it, today.

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